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Wilson Combat Experior

Wilson Combat Experior

“This is the eXperior line,” explained Jeff Adams, Wilson Combat. “The big different thing on this gun is our TRAK pattern that we have on the backstrap and the frontstrap. We have TRAK pattern grips as well. This model comes with carry cuts, ball cuts, serrations on the top of the slide and the rear of the slide. They will come standard with wide cocking serrations and standard with a mag well.”

The eXperior line offers both single- and double-stack models, with the same ergonomics and styling. Clearly, a lot of thought and experience went into creating this all-new line from Wilson Combat.

“The cool thing about this model is this is the first model that we will offer in both a single-stack and a double-stack,” Adams said. “Same pattern on the backstrap and the frontstrap. This thing gets a little bit different when we start talking about the double-stack. If you’re familiar with our EDC X9 line, the EDC X9 has an external extractor; this one does not. It is a standard, just basically a regular 1911 slide. Another cool thing we’ve done on the double-stack side, is we’re now coming out with a commander length.”

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