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Volquartsen AL  22LR

Volquartsen AL 22LR

The Volquartsen AL 22LR is a remarkable rimfire rifle designed for both competition shooting and small game hunting. Let’s explore some details about this intriguing firearm:

  • Summit Rifle:

    • The Summit Rifle by Volquartsen is a straight-pull bolt action rifle inspired by the 10/22 style platform.
    • It features a CNC-machined receiver with an integral Picatinny Rail, making it ideal for rimfire long-range shooting1.
  • Superlite:

    • The Superlite variant of the Volquartsen AL 22LR boasts several impressive features:
      • Hogue Stock for comfortable handling.
      • FDE Sleeve for added durability.
      • TG2000 trigger group, which is a drop-in replacement for the Ruger 10/22. It provides a consistent, crisp, clean trigger pull with a short reset after the break2.
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